Arena 1 Best Decks EVER!

Today we take a look on the best decks ever! Also cheapest decks ever!

When you are in Arena 1, you can have 12 cards from Training Camp and 6 from Arena 1 Goblin Stadium. Don’t look at cards level it’s only about tactics and deck strategy!

Some cards are useless and others you can keep very long time.


  • You can use fast units like a Prince to push other units!
  • Use strong units like Valkyrie
  • Always defend tanks from hordes or flying troops

Great Cards

Giant, Archers, Musketeer, Witch, Prince, Valkyrie, Goblin Barrel, Arrows, Fireball, Spear Goblins

Useless Cards

Dragon, Bomber, Knight, Mini Pekka, Skeleton Army, Lightning, Goblins, 

4 best decks in video!

Used decks in video

Goblin Barrel and Archers


Giant and Musketeer


Prince and Valkyrie


Witch, Prince and Mini Pekka


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