Chief Pat best decks

Chief Pat is famous youtuber and one of the best player in Clash Royale. For now is 8 ranked in Legendary Arena. But he was achieved all ranked places by the time! Here you can try his best decks!

Deck below was one of his favorit. He achieved many victories with this deck.

Deck is well balanced and you can find flying, air target, defensive building, tank and splash damage card. Freeze spell is also great.

Main style of this deck is playing defensive and countering whatever his opponent playing. When he have enough elixir he can go for the crown tower kill.


This deck he is playin now in Legendary arena. So it’s his current deck and his favorit card is Prince. You can see 3 tanks in this deck. Arrows can kill hordes and Minion Horde is here for counter other flyings. Princess can kill towers from a distance.


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