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Color text!

Hi guys! You want to be super cool and have your own name color? Try this guide! 

Color Name

When you open Settings you can Change Name if you want. But you can change the name only once! So be careful!

It’s easy when you want to colored your name. You must put name between this code – <cXXX>(Your-Name)</c> – XXX  – XXX is the color you want to use. You can use 8 colors.

Down here you can see all colors and codes.

Color code examples:

  • <c2>Will</c> = Will
  • <c3>Will</c> = Will
  • <c4>Will</c> = Will
  • <c5>Will</c> = Will
  • <c6>Will</c> = Will
  • <c7>Will</c> = Will
  • <c8>Will</c> = Will
  • <c9>Will</c> = Will

But first you must read this!

When you type the code <c2> the first < can disapear and you see only c2>. Don’t panic it’s just a visual glitch. When you type full code with name you will see colored name!

You can use copy/paste to be sure! It was way I did. I just type all code with name in notepad and then copy/paste to name box. The name was red.

Change name is two step confirmation. You type your name with code and you must confirm this by same code. After this you will see your colored name and confirm again.

Don’t use long names because code characters are count as letters! Your name must have max 7 characters if you want color!

You can test this in Clan chat!

This is how looks my name in game!

Colored name

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