Drop Rate

Alot of you have been asking about Clash Royale card drop rates. Let’s check how the drop system works in game.

  • Wooden chests (Free chests) and Crown chests are based on your current Arena. Besides you can save them and open later when you get into higher Arena
  • Silver Chests, Golden Chests, Giant Chests, Magical Chests and Super Magical Chests are given from battles. They are based on Arena you fought.┬áSome players said that they could save them and opened later at higher Arenas for better rewards, this is not true at all.
  • Higher Arenas = Better rewards
  • Chests in higher Arenas still contain cards from lower ones
  • You cen get Epic card from any chest
  • You cen get Legendary cards from Arena 4 chest upwards

Below you can find more informations about chests.

Free Chestfreechest

Crown Chestcrown chest

Silver Chestsilver chest

Golden Chestgolden chest

Giant ChestGiant chest

Magical Chestmagical chest

Super Magical Chestsuper magical chest


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