How to counter Lava Hound

This card can be very annoying and sure you wonder how to counter it!


Long range unit with high damage is one of the best to counter Lava Hound.


Not so long range like the Musketeer but offers high splash damage on ground and air targets. He can deal with the Lava Hound air support also.


It’s a Legendary card for 3 elixir with farthest range and splash damage. Suport this card with the Inferno Tower and the Lava Hound dies really fast.

Ice Wizard

Good support for other air target units! He can slow down the Lava Hound and make him easy target for other cards.

Minion Horde

Great choice to kill the Lava Hound fast and same deal with the Lava Pups. But be prepare for Arrows!  The trick in using the Minion Horde vs the Arrow is to place your Minion Horde near the Lava Hound when it is near your Arena Tower so that the Arrow’s projectile is longer to reach your Minion Horde

Three Musketeer

Can counter the Lava Hound easily but it’s not recommended to use if you have low level. Three Musketeer can be killed with high level Fireball.

Inferno Tower

This card is the best counter to all tanks in the game. It deals insane amount of damage once it builds up on a single tarteg. Use it in combo with Zap to eliminate hordes!

Cannon Tower

Cheap card for 3 elixir is good to distract building targeting troops like Hog. Giant or Lava Hound. You must place it about 2 – 3 tiles away from the tower fo the Lava Hound to target. Then you can place any air target cards.


This spell you can use offensively or defensively. You can get time to counter target when they are frozen or freeze them to perfrom attacks! Just be shure that you have enough elixir to put backup cards after the Freeze.


Great spell in many ways. You can deal with Lava Hound easy. You can take down also support cards for Lava Hound.


With thist spell you can counter Minion Horde, Lava Pups, Goblins or other support cards for the Lava Hound.


Use with Inferno Tower to kill goblins or skeletons. It can also delay the enemy troops and reset its target to the nearest targeted unit.



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