How to counter Royal Giant

Hello guys! If you any time fight face to Royal Giant you know that’s hard to take him down! Let’s try some counter tips!


  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: In 1 on 1 battle can mini P.E.K.K.A take down the Royal Giant easy and deal some damage to the opponent’s Tower.
  • Inferno Tower: Do this reactively, once the Royal Giant has crosses the river, place it down 2 tiles from your King’s Tower, right when he is about to hit  your Arena Tower so that it can hit the Royal Giant.
  • Cannon: When you place cannon 3 tiles from the river and 1 tile from your Arena Tower you can take him down quick with small troops support.
  • Zap: If you mis your opportunity and Royal giant locks on your Arena Tower place a building down and Zap it. He will target the building right after that.
  •  Swarms: Swarm Royal Giant with Minions, Goblins, Skeletons orGuards! Just be careful of Arrows!
  • Barbarians: If you are okey with some damage to your tower Barbarians can take down Royal Giant quickly without taking a single damage.

In addition, 3 Musketeers + Royal Giant is a pretty popular combo nowadays. The best way to deal with it is to use Rocket. Otherwise, Barbarians/Valkyrie + Freeze would work very well!

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