Isn’t compatible with your device?

Hey guys! After last update some of you maye have problems with compatibility. The sentence “This application isn’t compatible with your device” is very annoying. The main cause of this is because of the new Google Play Services released a few weeks ago

There are some tips how to fix it. Be ensure that.

  1. You are running the latest version of Google Play.
  2. You are using Android 4 and above.
  3. Your Google Play Services are up to date.
  4. You are not using any custom ROM for your device.

After updating Google Play and Google Play Services, please restart your device. If there isn’t any Restart button, turn off your device than start it again. If you still can’t download Clash Royale on your Android device, simply download the APK version of Clash Royale then install it directly on your device.

If you don’t want to install game outside Google Play, try to go to Settings – Application Manager then clear all caches of Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

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