Matchmaking – How it works?

Hi guys! Everybody want’s to know how matchmaking in Clash Royale works! But i don’t know answer for this question. I just know some thing that i discovered.

High level players in low level Arena!

This is one thing that I discovered when i droped to Arena 1! I have my reason for that. I just want to know if I get more cards from lower arena’s witch i using in my decks. Because when im using Goblin Barrel or Spear Goblins I can get them faster in origin arena then Arena 7 for example. When I was in Arena 1, 8 from 10 players had level 7 or better and they was inactive. So they must seeking also lover cards or they are just inactive and i get them cause i was inactive also and try to loose every battle.

Deck wich you can’t beat

If you are better than good you don’t need to notice. But after you have winning strikes you can get more harder opponent. I think that is some kind of test. If you are defeated you get more similar opponents. You can learn new things from first defeat or not.

Maybe im just bad and this is only my opinion. You can leave a comment and tell me your opinion! Thanks!

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