New BALANCE and CONTENT update LIVE now! Vol. 2

What? Another update? Last was few weeks ago! Okey let’s take a look.

New update doesn’t brings only balance but some new features.

In card collection you can find option to order cards by Rarity, Arena or Elixir. Also we have 3 new achievements’ Tournament Rewards, Tournament Host and Tournament Player. They are linked to new feature – Tournaments!

In tournaments you can fight with players who are nearby. In tournaments you can get great rewards! TV royale was replaced by tournaments and you can find TV now in main screen. You can create tournament for your clan and by great rewards!



Four new cards!

  • Common Card – Ice Spirit 
  • Epic Card – Browler
  • Legendary Cards – Lumberjack and The Log



New Arena!

  • Frozen Peak unlocks at 2300 Trophies


New Balance!

  • Skeleton Army: Skeleton count increased to 21 (from 20)
  • Goblin Barrel: Elixir cost decreased to 3 (from 4), Goblin deploy time increased to 1.2sec (from 1sec), removed impact damage.
  • Giant Skeleton: Damage increased by 20% (doesn’t affect Death Damage
  • Dark Prince: Damage increased by 8%, no longer affected by pushback (e.g. when hit by Fireball)
  • Bomber: Damage increased by 9%
  • Wizard: Attack speed increased to 1.6 sec (from 1.7)
  • Inferno Tower: Hitpoints increased by 6%
  • Elixir Collector: Now affected by slowing and speed up effects (Poison, Freeze, Zap, Rage, Ice Wizard)
  • Tombstone: Hitpoints increased by 9%
  • Bomb Tower: Hitpoints increased by 6%
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