New Balance update LIVE!

Hey guys! New balance update is here and what can we expected?

As you can see it’s big balance. Some troops are over powered but it was necessarily? Leave your opionion down and share your tips with us!

  • Hog Rider: Damage decreased by 6%
  • Prince: Damage increased by 9%
  • P.E.K.K.A: Damage increased by 8%
  • Goblin Barrel: Goblin spawn time decreased to 1sec from 1.2sec
  • X-Bow: Deploy time decreased to 4sec from 5sec and hitpoints increased by 18%
  • Mortar: Deploy time decreased to 4sec from 5sec
  • Furnace: Lifetime increased to 50sec from 40sec
  • Guards: Removed pushback effect when their shields break
  • Witch: Damage increased by 28%
  • Skeletons: Spawns 3 from 4
  • Cannon: Hitpoints decreased by 8%
  • Tesla: Hitpoints increased by 8%
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